June 1831 - Five persons constituted a branch of the

           Baptist Church of Princeton.

1833 - A House of Worship was erected on West St.
           in Fitchburg, along the Nashua River. On
           November 13 the branch church was
           granted to be a separate church. Baptisms
           began being conducted in the Nashua River.

March 1836 - The congregation adopted a series of
            resolutions and entered on the church
            records upon the wrongs of slavery.

1854 - After years of growth in ministry and out
           growing it's current building, the
           congregation completed the construction of a
           new church building at 632 Main St.

1891 - The church became incorporated on February
           19. The congregation built a branch church;
           Highland Baptist Church, dedicated April 28.

1893 - The congregation built it's second branch
           church in West Fitchburg; Beth Eden Baptist
           Church, dedicated June 8.

1913 - In January the congregation began a
           Scandinavian branch church.

1967 - On December 10 the congregation dedicated
            it's current church building at 1400 John
            Fitch Highway. (The congregation built and
            relocated to this building after the City of
            Fitchburg purchased the Main Street
            property in 1964 in order to build a new
            public library.)

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